Dr. Jennifer Miskimins

Petroleum Engineering Professor
Director, FAST
Colorado School of Mines


Ashtiwi Bahri

CFD Modeling of Proppant Transport

Dias Abdimaulen

Near-wellbore geomechanical model to predict hydraulic fracture complexity and geometry in EGS geothermal reservoir.

Nicola Fetta

IOR/EOR applications in Bakken Unconventionals.

Brent Kebert

Investigating Wellbore Proppant Transport Using CFD of Realistic Wellbore Conditions on a Single Hydraulic Fracturing Stage.

Nicole Bourdon

Horizontal well-to-well fracture interference.

Joseph Teff

Practical Applications in Fiber Optics.


Kagan Kutun

Fiber-Optics Flow Loop System


FAST-Affiliated Graduates

  • Kagan Kutun, PhD, Thesis: Modeling of Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Responses and Impacts of the Cable Location in Horizontal Wells
  • Ola Akrad, PhD, Thesis: The Use of Particulate Diversion in Hydraulic Fracturing and Refracturing: An Experimental Study
  • Katherine Kowalchick, MS, Thesis: Tracking Impending Frac Hits Using Sealed Wellbore Pressure Monitoring in the Eagle Ford and Austin Chalk Formations  
  • Shabeeb Al Ajmei, PhD, Thesis: The Effect of Variable Perforation Configuration on Proppant Transport and Distribution Using Slickwater
  • Juan Carlos Carratu, PhD, Thesis: Laboratory Investigation of Process Zone Stress*
  • Eiman Al Munif, PhD, Thesis: Experimental Investigation of Acoustic Automization in Liquid Loading Gas Wells
  • Xinyuan Zhang, MS, Thesis: Experimental Investigation of Acoustic Automaization in Liquid Loading Gas Wells

*: Available on request.


*: Available on request.

  • Nab Al-Ajmi, PhD, Thesis: Estimating Storativity and Transmissivity Ratio of Multi-Layer Reservoir and Dual-Permeability Fractured Systems
  • Ola Akrad, MS, Thesis: The Effects of Fracturing Fluids on Mechanical Properties and Associated Proppant Embedment in Four Shale Systems 
  • Jonathan Morrill, MS, Thesis: Optimization of Hydraulic Fracture Spacing in Horizontal Wellbores in Unconventional Shale Reservoirs 
  • Carl Neuhaus, MS, Thesis: Analysis of Surface and Downhole Microseismic Monitoring Coupled with Hydraulic Fracture Modeling in the Woodford Shale 
  • Nikita Kazakov, MS, Thesis: Applying Multivariate Statistical Parameters to Slickwater Fracturing Parameters 
  • Natthapon Putthaworapoom, MS, Thesis: Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing Process:  Sensitivity to Reservoir Properties and Operational Variables 
  • Bitao Lai, PhD, Thesis: Experimental Measurements and Numerical Modeling of Multiphase Non-Darcy Flow Effects in Porous Media
  • Indar Singh, MS, Thesis: Simulation of Horizontal Well
  • Hector Wills, PhD, Thesis: 3-D Numerical Investigation of Hydraulic Fracture Cleanup Processes
  • Nur Azlinda “Linda” Mohammad, MS, Thesis: A Comparison of Hydraulic Fracture Modeling with Downhole and Surface Microseismic Data in a Stacked Fluvial Pay System
  • Naif Alqahtani, MS, Thesis: 3D Finite Element Modeling of Laboratory Hydraulic Fracture Experiments 
  • Yating (Tina) Wang, MS, Thesis: Experimental Investigation of Fracture Growth Complexity in Slickwater Fracture Treatments
  • Dan Benedict, MS, Thesis: The Effects of Hydraulic Fracture Reorientation in Lenticular Reservoirs 
  • Dan Cordle, BS
  • Henry Lopez-Hernandez, PhD, Thesis: Experimental Analysis and Macroscopic and Pore-Level Flow Simulations to Compare Non-Darcy Flow Models in Porous Media
  • Julie DeWitt, BS
  • Steve Nzegaing, ME
  • Amrut Athavale, MS, Thesis: Experimental Study of Hydraulic Fracture Propagation Processes in Laminated Reservoirs 
  • Luis Casas, MS, Thesis: Large Scale Hydraulic Fracturing Test on a Rock with Artificial Discontinuities 
  • Chris Green, MS, Thesis: Hydraulic Fracture Model Sensitivity Analyses of Massively stacked Lenticular Reservoirs in the Mesaverde Formation, Southern Piceance Basin, Colorado 
  • Rob Tonnsen, MS, Thesis: A Study of the Relationships Between Permeability, Stress, and Pore Volume Compressibility in Deep Coalbed Methane Environments 
  • Anthony Franzone, ME
  • Cathy Toliver, BS
  • Olivia Harren, ME
  • Genevieve Shope, BS
  • Matt Volkmar, BS
  • John Chrisman, BS
  • Ty Woodworth, MS, Thesis: Proppant Placement in Low-Viscosity Slickwater Type Fracturing Fluids 
  • Steve Henning, BS